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Internet Casino Guide

We are bringing you the Ten Commandments of online gambling. So read this gambling casino guide to acquire the wisdom handed down from the gambling gurus and pave your own way to success.

#1: Know the Law of the Land

Before you begin gambling at any particular casino, it’s important to know the laws of the particular jurisdiction you are in. In certain areas online gambling is prohibited and may be illegal, so you must always make a note of the legalities of the particular place you are in before placing any bets or even beginning to play. The legal status of online gambling is susceptible to change therefore consulting the legislative and/or law enforcement authorities within the premises is the perfect way to know what laws apply to you.

#2: Know more about your Casino

It’s important to do a little research on the casino you wish to play at. Legally approved online gambling casino companies have detailed information about their licensing location, their various operations, their operators, payment methods and their rules and regulations. They also provide legitimate contact information. So keep an eye out for such information and avoid playing at illegal casinos that can trap you in terms and conditions and withhold your bonuses.

Reading reviews, viewing websites, checking message boards are all good ways to research about the casino you intend to play at and understand its brand value. Important things you should particularly look for include government regulation and licensing of the casino, how long the casino has been in existence. Thorough research is therefore crucial and must be done with patience and care.

#3: Do a Test Run
It’s advisable to always play for free first before you start spending real money at the casino. If you don’t see the’ play for free’ option, LEAVE. Most legitimate casinos have the free play option and if the one you intend to play at doesn’t you can bet there is something fishy or the website has technical errors. The play for free / play for fun option is important so that you can get a better idea of the betting mechanism before betting real money.

There are so many online casinos, so you really don’t have to rush into anything. Take you time to pick an online casino that loads properly on your computer, which you feel comfortable with, and that meets the legal pre-requisites and game on without worries.

#4: Customer Service and Support matters
The best online casinos provide customers toll free contact numbers and round the clock support. It’s important that the customer service is efficient and delivers support and feed back to customers. You could do a little test to see if these services exist by contacting the casino at the numbers or email ids they have provided. Watch out for casinos that offer just a general email id. This could mean that they have an inefficient support system.

#5: Explore the Payout Options
The best payout agreement in existence to date is the ewallet service. Steer clear of casinos that charge a fee on basic withdrawals.

#6: Compare Bonuses
The bonuses offered differ from casino to casino and from software providers like Nicrogaming casinos to Real Time Gaming casinos. Make a comparison to see which casino gives you better offerings because bonuses give a leg up on the money you have to play with. Casinos that don’t offer such advantages can be ignored.

#7: Assess Probabilities of the Game
The same game may have varied probabilities at different casinos. Because online games are pre-programmed software, the payout levels, house commissions etc are already defined. This does not mean that casinos swindle money from players by designing the game to the benefit of the house. It simply means that some casinos have a higher probability when compared to others. A proper listing of payout tables is a mark of a dependable casino. If you are a slots fan then play at a specific online slots casino like Slots Oasis casino and the same goes for other casino games.

#8: Safety of Personal Information is foremost
Taking precautions to be certain that the casino is safe and offer a secure system is very important. Be sure to register with online casinos that provide a secure data-encrypted link during registration. This protects personal information from theft. The URL of the website must begin with https:// and not just http:// .

#9: Play it to win it!
You’re online so you can take your own sweet time to make your moves. You could use outside sources to help you with strategies and improve your skills. Make your moves wisely and play to win.

#10: Enjoy the Game
While gambling online you may be missing the ambience of a real casino, but that shouldn’t stop you from having fun. Play some music, get a snack and a drink and make yourself comfortable. You’re the boss, so game on as you please.